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Local weather is currently (5pm central) 99 degrees.

Projects of the day included harvesting potatoes, more cleaning up of large cipollini onion harvest, thinning basil starters, planting basil starters, and putting shade cloth on the Kale bed to avoid sun exposure/damage. I didn’t get photos of the Kale/cloth situation today because it was just to hot this afternoon to think about dealing with my camera, but I might add some photos tomorrow.

Below are photos of basil starters, before and after planting in the greenhouse. Basil went into the greenhouse bed because it’s one of the few plants that can take the enclosed heat. There is also basil in a field bed. That basil has been growing very fast and has been harvested twice since I’ve been here.

basil starters

basil starters

basil bed in greenhouse

Today was my last full work day on the farm, and I think I’m going to have some separation anxiety when I leave to visit my hometown tomorrow, where I can sit all day in air conditioning with no vegetables to thin, plant, trellis, harvest, shade, shell, or clean. I am, however, happy to bring some vegetables with me to COOK.

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